Profile of the Institute for Wind Energy Systems

Windenergieanlage vom Boden aus Windenergieanlage vom Boden aus Windenergieanlage vom Boden aus © Pexels / pixabay

Our vision is a world in which the energy need is completely met by renewable energy sources. Climate protection matters to us. Renewable energy sources are the key for a worthwhile future. In order to fulfill the transformation of the energy system, we must strengthen the competitiveness of the wind energy industry and further develop the job engine wind energy. That's what we want. That's why we work on technology innovation. Because we take the intergenerational contract seriously, we train tomorrow's decision makers and pass our ideas to our students.

Our mission: Climate protection.

Engineers in the wind energy sector have to face numerous challenges. The fast growth of the wind energy industry requires a high degree of innovation and creativity. The strong link between different engineering disciplines and non-technical areas calls for interdisciplinary methods and respective education.

The Institute for Wind Energy Systems makes an important contribution to connect the existing competences at Leibniz University Hannover. Wind energy research is carried out in strong cooperations with institutes of different faculties. Due to the intense interconnection with the Fraunhofer Institute for Wind Energy Systems, we close the gap between foundation-based and applied research.

In the academic education, we teach the key competences in wind energy technology, control concepts for wind turbines, principles of wind farm design, and aerodynamic and structural aspects of rotor blade design.