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Examination Papers and Theses

At IWES we provide the opportunity to make project works or write seminar papers as well as diploma, bachelor`s, and master’s theses. The topics are handed out after an interview with the potential candidate. We try to take into account individual interests and expertise. We supervise students from disciplines like civil engineering, mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering, computational engineering, or a related engineering discipline. We welcome an interdisciplinary background. A strong interest in and affinity to questions about wind energy are required.

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Master's Theses

Pilz, Chris (2017): Entwurf und Implementierung eines Mehrgrößenreglers für die individuelle Pitchregelung einer Windenergieanlage

Vogt, Arne (2017): Simulation-based Modelling of a Wind Turbine for System Analysis using Measurement Data

Wentingmann, Michael (2017): Finite-Element-Based Multi-Axial Fatigue Analysis of Adhesive Joints in Wind Turbine Rotor Blades

Project Works

Arends, Henning (2017): Technical and Economical Conception of a vertical axis-small-wind Turbine for urban Environments

Ebrahim, Fadi (2017): Current and Future Energy Supply in Syria with an Emphasis on Renewable Energy Sources

Jiahao, He (2017): Development of a Finite Element Method for Airfoil Aerodynamics in Potential Flows

Koch, Richard (2017): Preliminary Design of a small vertical Axis Wind Turbine for Urban Environments

Vogt, Arne (2017): Quantification of the impact of inhomogeneous temperature distribution on full bridge strain gauges